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 Development, and the scene.

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PostSubject: Development, and the scene.    Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:39 am

Daniel_Knockwood, and myself would like to get a few points across to those who roleplay within Southside Peckerwoods.

Since we come from the Seville area it means that we grew up around whites, blacks, and latinos. It's completely up to you how you execute your character, and their traits. A few of the members do roleplay not having any issues with minorities, some even are friendly with them. We don't encourage members, and outsiders to go around and refer to a black, or latino as a nigger, or spic constantly.

It's your choice on how you plan on roleplaying your character, and we are absolutely all for personal, and faction wide development within your person entirely. It is however frowned upon to come into contact with us, and immediately have this rage of racism towards another individual.

Development is the key to success. Development is everything. You are expected to engage us with a fresh mind, and give us the opportunity to mold you into the individual we look for within a member. That doesn't mean we choose your development, or life style. We just do whatever we can to assist this process. We love the unique ideas, and traits that you're able to come up with as long as it stays in between the line of realistic, and genuine.

If anyone is in need of help, ideas, or just advice on the whole peckerwood white gang scene that's what we are here for. We encourage our members, and outsiders to reach out to us if they need a helping hand.
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Development, and the scene.
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