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 Creating roleplay for yourself.

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PostSubject: Creating roleplay for yourself.   Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:19 am

It is important that you're motivated enough to create self roleplay. It's never good to stand around, and wait for individuals to hand out scenarios or tasks for you to do. The faction is developing everyday, and it is important for you to be willing to develop your characters on your own time. We keep our eyes open at all times for those who take that extra step in taking your character seriously.   Remember you're a human being, not just a faction member.

Here a few examples

  • Go on dates, meet people.

  • We stay right next to the water, take a swim, lay out on the beach.

  • Go grab some dice, play some 7/11, or blackjack.

  • Go out, and lift cars. Steal parts from them, and then sell them on the streets.

  • Go to the local corner store, loiter in front of it, maybe a snatch, and go.

  • Buy some liquor, get drunk, hangout, get rowdy.

  • Scout, meet and great others around your area to make connections.

  • Smoke some weed, maybe have an anxiety attack, and have a mini freak out because you're too high.

  • Sell some fake clothes on the streets.

  • Post up, chat it up, crack jokes on eachother.

  • Discuss ways to make money, or ways to benefit those around you.

  • There is a whole world we can roleplay in, don't limit yourself to anything!
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Creating roleplay for yourself.
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